Congratulations! VTT demonstrates cellulosic innovativeness.

SciTech-Service warmly congratulates VTT for the progress on their cellulose dissolving and spinning technique, which now is entering the demonstration stage. (See: ) We are glad to provide our demonstration scale spinning line and our expert team to VTT’s service for this purpose.

The operational landscape of the textile industry is changing as new regulations for handling textile waste are enforced. For example, starting 2016, organic waste like clothing may no longer be disposed of at landfills. Already for some time, forward looking brand owners, retailers and manufacturers of the textile value chain have been actively searching for means and ways to benefit from this change, rather than taking it as a given burden. Welcome to the circular economy!

Cellulose is a versatile polymer, abundant in Nature in the form of fibrous plant cells. These cells are fine composite structures, designed to purpose during millions or billions of years of evolution. One part of this purpose is to integrate the plants life into the biosphere’s carbon cycle. This integration also provides cellulose polymer with its renewability. The recent human initiative of circular economy is a necessary adaptation to Nature’s cycle – which is eternal in human perspective.

Developing novel and improved industrial technologies for the manufacture of cellulosic products is one of the key areas of the emerging bioeconomy and circular economy – two overlapping ideas for our future. Getting things from laboratory to industrial scale necessarily involves pilot trials in demonstration scale. With our 100kg/d scale spinning line, the Scitech team is eager to help.

Wishing Many Happy Spinnings to VTT, Ethica, Pure Waste, Seppälä, Suez, and Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre in this project!

Pilot scale spin finishing