ForestBioFacts: Introduction to forest-based bioeconomy Webinar

From: Forest BioFacts, the digital learning environment and source of in depth information for professionals in pulp and paper and other biomass conversion industries, which is published by the Finnish Forest Products Engineers Association ( ).


Heikki Hassi participated on the ForestBioFacts: Introduction to forest-based bioeconomy Webinar – presented by Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association (PI) and took place on September 2nd from 13:00 – 14:30 EET.

The sustainable use of forests plays a central part when people are developing more ecologically, financially and socially sustainable operating methods. In Introduction to forest-based bioeconomy -webinar you can learn about the role of forests and forest-based products in circular bioeconomy. The free Introduction to forest-based bioeconomy in ForestBioFacts learning environment gives excellent basic knowledge on forest-based bioeconomy.

The program included:

The six kingdoms of Life and The role of Forests and Forest-based products in circular bioeconomy 
D. Sc. (Tech) Heikki Hassi, Chairman, Senior Partner, Scitech-Service Oy

The forest sector is a corner stone of sustainable, circular bioeconomy
Jori Ringman, Director General, CEPI – Confederation of European Paper Industries

Career in bioforest industry
Juha-Pekka Junnikkala, Production Development Engineer, Tervakoski Oy

More sustainable future with wood-based textiles – case Spinnova
Reetta Hassinen, Business Development Specialist, Spinnova.


You can check below Heikki ‘s presentation: