PoDoCo awarded a grant to Xiang You & Scitech joint project

We are pleased to inform that on the 2nd December 2019, Xiang You and SciTech-Service Oy were awarded a PoDoCo grant.

The Post Docs in Companies (PoDoCo) is a joint initiative of Finnish universities, industry and foundations. This matchmaking program has been supporting long term competitiveness and strategic renewal of companies and employment of young doctors in the private sector.

Xiang You, Ph.D. in chemical engineering, has over 10 years’ experience in technical research and development projects. Her scientific research has focused on biorefinery, more precisely, the fractionation process of lignocellulosic feedstocks, pulping and bleaching, man-made cellulosic fiber (MMCF) manufacturing (Lyocell, Ioncell, and viscose fibres), and advanced materials related to polymers and surface chemistry.

At SciTech-Service Oy facilities, under the supervision of Dr. Heikki Hassi, Xiang You will pursue research in “Examining macro-, micro-and nanoscale barriers of cellulose processability (reactivity) in the viscose process”. The outcome of this project translates to a better understanding of currently poorly understood physical and chemical phenomena, which are in the center of the viscose and other MMCF processes – and which are critical when introducing novel feedstocks to the MMCF industry.

SciTech-Service offers outsourced technology development for biomass processing in the areas of pulp manufacture (paper, board, dissolving, fluff and high-yield grades), regenerated cellulose products (viscose fibre; other man-made cellulosic fibres) as well as biobased chemicals and biofuels. The company has served the biomass conversion industries, related plant engineering and equipment manufacturing companies since 1983. Service include concept level process design and evaluation; planning and execution of laboratory and scale-up studies; 2nd opinion services for technical concepts; mill conversion and improvement services.

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