Welcome to the bioeconomy in 2016 – we´ve saved you a seat!

SciTech-Service has been a leading developer of new solutions for the biomass processing industry for more than 30 years. Admittedly, the first 20+ years we called it the pulp and paper industry, but the aim has always been the same, to produce added value from biomass for our clients.

Back around 10 years ago when I was starting my journey at SciTech our senior partner Heikki Hassi put it like this: “mankind is searching for a travelable route towards a biomass driven economy – gradually away from the current fossil driven economy”. That search is not only continuing, it is starting to gain significant momentum and well deserved attention from the surrounding society. For us at SciTech this has meant that the last years we have been working more with questions connected to specialty pulps, lignin recovery and hemicellulose utilization than questions regarding fully bleached paper pulp.

Last year I was handed the torch of Managing Partner at SciTech from the company’s founder Panu Tikka, an honor I am most grateful for and a function I will try to fulfill to the best of my ability. Panu will now focus on giving scientific input in our projects and leave bureaucracy to the rest of our growing team. When considering the range of questions we are working on 2016 promises to be an interesting year. So, when Your Company needs a knowledgeable guide to the expanding terrain of the Bioeconomy in the New Year, just send us a message and we can go explore together!

Young spruce – biomass for future generation