Conceptual Engineering, biomass-based industries and the Green Shift.

Conceptual process engineering builds a bridge from science and researchers to plant engineers, investment project teams and production personnel.

Opportunities and challenges

From: Forest BioFacts, the digital learning environment and source of in depth information for professionals in pulp and paper and other biomass conversion industries, which is published by the Finnish Forest Products Engineers Association ( ).   The concept of circular bioeconomy is causing a paradigm shift in global economics. This shift provides the forestry sector with a large portfolio of long-lasting…

Carbon cycle and circular bioeconomy

The main source for new raw materials for circular bioeconomy is the productive biological carbon cycle formed by the biosphere and the atmosphere (Figure 1)

SciTech-Service Oy keeps growing!

We are pleased to announce that SciTech-Service’s biorefinery team has been strengthened by the addition of Topias Anttila. Mr. Topias Anttila, M.Sc., joins as Project Engineer in the Biorefinery team. He recently finished his master thesis in Aalto University, School of chemical engineering. Topias studied Chemical and process engineering with his major in Plant Design and Master’s thesis focused on…

Soap and turpentine in softwood kraft mills

Panu Tikka wrote a short commentary on one of his old publications: PaT 180721 Tikka, et al.Solving soap and turpentine related process problems in softwood kraft mills.P&P Can, 103(2002)6:T 149, p 30 – 35 In the modern more and more sustainable biobased economy the old obnoxious word “pulp mill” is being replaced by a better expression “ bioproduct plant “…